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Devil Bat RP!

The Eyeshield 21 RP community
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This is the Devil Bats RP community! You're welcome to join, just read the rules.

Go HERE for information on how to sign up - only once you've read the rules, of course

Them Rules

1: Be in character. If you're gonna write crack, you'd better have a good reason why your character would be smoking it.

2: Spell. Also, do the grammar thing. PLEASE.

3: Don't godmode, or the Wrath of Mod will smite you to the earth!

4: Post at least once every week or we'll assume you're dead.

5: You can use the shared journals (deimon_high and others) as you like for any characters who aren't in use by someone else, but don't mess about with the settings or userpics.

6: All RP in journals will be in first person present tense, e.g. "Ah, I'm bored. School was really dull today. Wonder if there's anyone around here I can beat up?"

7: If you want to do extended scenes with just a few characters, it's better to do it as a log over character journals or AIM.

Le Definitión: Logging = taking turns to write a story, one person writing one segment and then handing it over to the other. Should be done in third person past tense, e.g. "Agon was bored. School had been even duller than usual, at least until he'd fallen asleep halfway through English class - his dreams were always interesting, if only because they usually involved girls. Right now, though, he couldn't help wishing Hiruma or Habashira or someone would pop up, because kicking a bit of ass would make him feel so much better."

8: There is going to be swearing in this RP, because hey, HIRUMA. However, some people don't like graphic sex and such, so anything on that order should be posted in character journals and put under LJ cut so nobody HAS to read it.

9: Pictures - it's quite OK to post scans or screencaps, but please don't use anyone else's fanart without permission! Also, same rules apply as for logs - if it's potentially offensive, it should be in your character LJ, under a cut.

Taken Characters


Hiruma: artemis_eld / devil_inarms
Juumonji: alina_cantha / prodigalson51
Toganou: artemis_eld / otakuline53
Kuroki: scareless / arcadeking52
Kurita: lavenderherring / funnuraba
Sena: moogle_maniac / chibi_gopher
Musashi: moogle_maniac / kickforademon

Rui: killer_pyrokat / rh_chameleon
Megu: artemis_eld / tsyumine_megu

Unsui: lavenderherring / averageplayer
Agon: owningyoutrash

Sakuraba: alina_cantha / hidden_idol

Mizumachi: alina_cantha / machizilla
Onishi: scareless / number1disciple
Kakei: moogle_maniac / smoldering_eyes

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