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OOC: Log with Sena and Suzu [Apr. 22nd, 2007|10:55 pm]
The Eyeshield 21 RP community
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Another day of training was over. Masquerading as Eyeshield 21 was surprisingly easy, but Sena wished he didn't have to wait until most of the team left before he could change out of his uniform and go home. The sun was already setting, casting a deep orange hue over the city of Tokyo. He adjusted his posture to accommodate the weight of his schoolbag on his shoulder and straightened out his tie as he exited the clubhouse and Deimon campus.

Suzuna skated along Deimon High School's gate, although this time it was purely coincidental. Spying couldn't take up all of her time after all; she had her own school life and clubs to attend to. Still, another day without her brother, annoying as he was, hurt more than she thought possible. After a month of poking and prodding, even at the great legend Eyeshield 21, she had come up with nothing, zip, nada. Sighing heavily, she picked up the speed on her rollerblades and turned the corner.

"So I have to do science, math, and Japanese homework..." Sena mused out loud, counting the subjects off with his fingers as he turned the corner. Lost in thought, it was too late before he acknowledged the oncoming skater and collided into her. "WAHHHH" he yelped out as he was thrown down onto the sidewalk, his back taking full impact. Oomph, that hurt just like a tackle.

For a second, Suzuna was shocked still, her body thrown over a total stranger. A total, male stranger. Suppressing a shriek, she forced herself off of him and scooted away from whoever he was in record speed.

"Ow ow ow," Suzuna chanted like a mantra, nursing her aching hands. A quick check up proved that she was physically uninjured, but damn, did that hurt. Red in the face, she called out, "Er, sorry, I didn't mean to and uh--watch out where you're going?"

Were those... stars he was seeing? Sena's eyes were unfocused for a bit, his body numb before the pain suddenly kicked in. "Mooouuuu," he let out, his back killing him. The sound of a female voice caused Sena to snap out of his reverie and start sitting up, his eyes searching wildly until he found a petite girl standing in front of him. "Ahhh?"

"Eh?" Suzuna inched closer to him, leaning in and squinting at the boy with caution. He didn't look like a sexual weirdo pervert, but who knew nowadays? Nevertheless, he did seemed hurt the most from their collision, and Suzuna wasn't cold enough to just leave him there. "Are you okay?"

Still sitting down, the small boy clutched his head with a hand and waited for the slight spinning to stop before he could answer in earnest. He looked up and gave a weak smile. "It's fine... I... I've had worse." He gingerly got back to his feet and dusted off his clothing the best he could as his eyes suddenly widened. "Ah!! A-ano, I-I-I'm really sorry about that! I should have been paying more attention... are you... okay?" Sena had a look of concern on his face, realizing he collided with a girl.

Wow, was this guy polite, kind of like a push over. Suzuna kept her observation to her self though, and placed her hands on her hips. "Oh, I'm alright, I've been through worse, too." Then, she tilted her head slightly, more curious than irritated now. "You're the one who was knocked into the ground, anyway. Your back alright?"

Sena looked visibly uncomfortable from the scrutinizing stare of the mystery girl. "Oh, don't worry about me! I'm fine," he waved with his hands in front of him, an uneasy smile on his face.

"Stop saying you're fine when you're not!" Suzuna proclaimed with a flourish, enjoying the uneasiness on his face. It was kinda cute, how awkward he was. It was different from all the fake, greasy guys she came across nowadays. "Anyway, what's your name, yaa? What were you so distracted about that you ran into a small, innocent girl like me, eh?"

Sena winced at getting yelled at by a random person, but she did have a point. "Ano.. My name is Kobayakawa Sena. I'm... a first year here at Deimon. And..ah.. I was just thinking about all the homework I had to do tonight," he laughed awkwardly. "Very boring, I'm afraid."

Suzuna tilted her head to the other side, her mind clicking into 'spy' mode once again. When Suzuna Taki had a job to do, she did it to the best of her abilities~

"Saa, so Mister Kobayakawa," She began in a sing song voice, a very innocent sing song voice. "Ever hear the saying 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?'"

What a peculiar girl. First she yells at him and then starts questioning him... Sena scrunched his eyebrows as he tried to recall the line. Wasn't that from the movie with a man who turned insane and caused him to not be able to sleep that night? "Maybe?" He scratched his head in contemplation.

"So surely, you must be in some sort of club, ya?" Suzuna smiled brightly at him, trying not to yell out in frustration. Who hadn't heard that line for god's sake?! "How are the clubs in Deimon, hm? I heard that the football club was doing pretty good this year." Or something, not like Suzuna really cared. All she needed was dirt on Mister Eyeshield 21.

Sena perked at the mentioning of football. "Ahhh, well, the only club I'm in is the football one... I'm... the team secretary..."

Holy crap. Lady Luck was smiling down on Suzuna, seriously. "Really?!" Suzuna nearly jumped in anticipation, and leaned even closer to Sena. "You must know the ace, Eyeshield 21, right? Like, personally?"

The sudden breach of his personal space caused him to let out a small sound and lean backwards. He gulped, his head full of "Why me!?" before he calmed down. If he could fool his teammates, he should be fine with a total stranger, right? Right! "Ahhh, Eyeshield 21? Well, of course, I'm the team secretary..."

"Yaa!" This time, Suzuna really did jump in anticipation, fortunately not crushing the poor guy's feet in the process, and let herself loose a bit of composure. "Would you mind talking to him? Y'know, try to persuade him into letting me interview him or something, then? I work for this newspaper, you see," she said, not quite telling the truth, but not quite lying, either. "He's really hard to contact!"

Then, as if suddenly remembering her manners, she thrusted out her hand and grinned cheekily. "My name is Taki Suzuna, by the way, but call me Suzu, please."

The timid boy examined her outstretched hand before gingerly taking it in a weak grip. "Nice to meet you, Suzuna-chan." He slightly fumbled at the more intimate use of her first name and instantly let go of her hand as if it were a hot potato. "Errrr, I guess I can try talking to him...
Gawd, he's so meek, Suzuna thought to herself, and tried not to frown at the prospect of Sena being too shy to seriously talk to the ace football star. If she was going to find her brother, it would only waste time to worry about things that may or may not come true. She'd just have to trust the guy, no matter how uncomfortable that made her.

"Thank you! That means a lot, like really! You're so sweet to help out a poor, little ol' girl like me~" Putting a finger to her lip, she noticed the setting sun and blinked. Ma would get mad if she got home late again... "Hey, got a pen on you? I needa give you something."

When he heard the word sweet, Sena became flustered and started rambling. "N-n-no problem! Just that he's actually kind of shy, so I don't know how easy it'd be to get an--" He blinked when she asked for a pen, immediately searching his school uniform pockets. When the spiky-haired boy came up with none, he dropped his school bag onto the ground and fished out a blue ball point pen. "Will this do?"

Smiling at his rant, she grabbed the pen with a silent nod and 'thank you'. "Shy? Tell him I'm really nice, yaa? It's not like I'm going to eat him up or something, right?"

Laughing at her own joke, Suzuna, not seeing anything wrong with it at all, took Sena's hand and wrote her phone number on the back of his wrist, so it wouldn't sweat off as easily. His hand, though small for a boy's, was calloused and worked, kind of strong. "Call me if I get the interview, Sena-kun, kay? I need to go home right now~"

The poor boy looked like he was going to burst. A random girl demanding to meet Eyeshield 21 was holding his hand and giving him her number. He smiled awkwardly before he gently took the pen from her hand and wrote his own number on the back of hers. "Ano, well, Eyeshield 21 is very... difficult since he's the team ace and all, so everyone's very lenient on his behavior. Call me and I'll let you know on the progress, ok?" A small smile on his face made his eyes twinkle.

Normally, Suzuna would've replied with a witty comment, would have teased Sena for “taking advantage of the situation” and giggle like the schoolgirl she was. There was something in his expression that stopped her though, and the mighty Suzuna faltered. She stared at the scrawl of numbers on her skin instead.

"Got it! I'll remind you just in case you forget tomorrow, so don't act all surprised," she said after a second, lacking the overwhelming amount of authority in her voice that she usually demanded. Feeling a little weird, as if finally noticing how odd the situation was, the girl quickly (but confidently) uttered out her 'goodnight, gotta go now's and started her way down the sidewalk.

As an afterthought, she waved goodbye.

Sena cocked his head at the small girl's retreating form, noticing her abrupt change in demeanor. Was it something he did? Oh shoot, maybe he shouldn't have touched her! Inwardly scolding himself, she was already a few feet away from him before he snapped out of it. He jolted a few big steps, the movement catching her attention.

"Ahhh, I hope to hear from you soon? I promise to call about Eyeshield too if I make progress..." He slowly returned the good-bye wave to her. When she turned back and gave him a small wink, he smiled as he watched her jet away on her rollerblades, homeward bound.