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OOC: Revival of the 60 Yard Magnum [Mar. 25th, 2007|10:59 pm]
The Eyeshield 21 RP community


Hiruma was putting ointment on his sore shoulder when he heard heavy steps coming toward the clubhouse. Cerberus wasn't freaking out, so he could only assume it was Musashi. He reached for his shirt.

Musashi threw the door open with unnecessary force, audibly seething through gritted teeth.  His left eye was all but swollen shut at this point.  He slammed the door behind him, muttering about stubborn old men who should stay in bed.

The demon slid his shirt on and emerged from the partition that served at his room. He saw Musashi's eye and his own eyes narrowed. He stalked to the old man, snarling. "Who did it!"

With his one good eye, he stared intently at his best friend, failing to control the rage in his voice.  "Who else do you think can do it?  My dad."

"Your..fucking old man? What the fuck?!"

Musashi walked over and crashed onto a chair, throwing the school uniform he was carrying onto the table, knocking over miniature figurines of the Deimon players.  "He fired me from the company."  The former construction worker's voice was dead and bland.

Hiruma gaped, eight thousand thoughts running through his head just then. He was speechless for once.

Musashi's eyes glazed over as he looked down at his hands.  "Said I should quit trying to be a man when I should be a kid and have fun.  Even got the other coworkers on his side."  He remained silent as he tried to concentrate, his mind constantly wandering.  "Seems like... I have no where else to go but here."

He stared, still at a loss for words. His ears laid down; he looked away.

Silence filled the room as the dark-haired teen remained quiet.  He picked up one of the knocked over figurines, by chance picking up the one sporting the number 1 jersey.  "Old man knows me better than I do myself," he said at last, marveling how close to detail the little figure was.

"You're back, then?!"

Musashi looked up at Hiruma, a small smile on his face.  "Yeah."

Hiruma's ears perked all the way up. He simply gazed at Musashi for a moment, then a tiny little smile of his own appeared.

His smile grew bigger as he saw Hiruma's appearing.  "Tadaima."

"Fucking old man..." Hiruma laughed wildly.

"Dad could tell that this is what I wanted..." His voice became soft.

"I fucking told you what he'd do, didn't I? You should've told the truth in the beginning, fucker."

Musashi let out a little sigh.  "Hiruma?  Just shut up and be happy with me."

"Don't you tell me to shut up. Fucking old man." Hiruma laughed again and shoved Musashi.

A big smile, one he hadn't made since he left, was on his face as he shoved back playfully.  "I'll do as I wish."

"So you say!" Hiruma cackled. "But you'll fucking do as I say..."

Musashi rolled his eyes.  "I'm not a minion--if I choose to follow you it's because I want to."

"I'll let you believe that." Hiruma smirked.

A snort accompanied a frown.  He winced when he contorted his face too much.  "Hey... you have something cold?"

"Fuck, you idiot..." Hiruma stalked off to get an ice pack. "Couldn't you have ducked?"

"Hiruma, I was looking away and next thing I know he's standing in front of me and decked me!  Stubborn old man cheated with a stone, but still, it was a damn good punch."

"Keh..." Hiruma returned with the ice pack and stuck it on Musashi's eye.

"He still has some fight left in him," Musashi smiled as he took the ice pack from Hiruma, refusing to be doted on.

Hiruma flopped on a couch, grinning up at him. "I can't wait to se the looks on their faces..."

"Can't wait to see Kurita next time."

"He'll freak the fuck out..."

Musashi let out an amused sigh.  "I'm... still a student right?"  He wouldn't be shocked if Hiruma arranged something despite having submitted withdrawl forms last year.

Hiruma cackled. "What do you take me for, fucking old man...you're getting A's."

While comforting to know that he was a student, the grade assignments displeased Musashi.  "I'll do my own homework from now on."

"Gave you a B in physics. You always sucked at it."

The kicker raised an eyebrow.  "I get A's in science and math, it's music that I suck at."

"Oooh? You've been away so long. Might have gotten confused." Hiruma smirked.

Musashi groaned as he pressed the icepack against his swollen eye more.  At least the pain had gone down.  "I'll come back to school looking like I picked I fight."

"In a way, you did." Hiruma rooted around for food.

He couldn't dispute that.  "Oh, I no longer have the truck since it's company property."

"Mm." Hiruma yawned. "You should get some other form of transportation....a bike'd suit you."

Musashi cocked the eyebrow of his face's still functional side.  "Do I look like a punk to you?"

"That a trick question?"

"Please, only way I'd ride a bike is if I looked like someone who went to Zokugaku."

"Suit yourself." He smirked, knowing the seeds were planted.