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Log: Yukimitsu Goes Running~! [Feb. 10th, 2007|01:53 am]
The Eyeshield 21 RP community



Yukimitsu stretched. Finally, history class was over. It wasn't that the Meiji revolution wasn't interesting, but this professor seemed to have some sort of obsession with the subject. One could only study the formation of the Shinsengumi so many times. At least now classes were done for the day. He felt like there was something he was forgetting, but shrugged it off as he packed up his books.

Kakei sighed. During lunch, Otohime convinced him to help her with math after football practice today, and he wasn't looking forward to it. Not that he minded helping people, but she was dense when it came to math. He wandered the halls looking for Mizumachi, walking towards the direction of his classroom after the last bell rang.

Mizumachi skidded out of the classroom at top speed, bag already packed and ready, almost slamming into a group of girls passing by. He looked embarrassed for a second, but then noticed Kakei. Waving like mad, he headed over to meet up with him, grinning like a maniac. "So we're going over to Deimon today, right?" he asked.

Oh snap, that's right. After practice they were heading over to Deimon....right. Unexpectedly, he suddenly uttered a curse. "Yeah, we are, aren't we? You seem excited." Imagining Otohime complain about their cancelled study session was already grating on his senses.

"Well, I guess," Mizumachi answered. "I mean, I like it here, but I've never been over there before really. Should be fun!"

"What? I thought you went over to their study club...?"

"I do, but...you know that Yukimitsu guy, right? He's kinda said stuff before about not being very athletic. So...I was thinking we could help him out."

"Oh yeah, I talked to him briefly online. He...seems to put himself down a lot. I told him we should go running together some time. I forgot to mention it since I figured you'd be game."

"Running, huh?" Mizumachi pondered this for a moment, and then grinned even wider. "Let's do it!"

"Well, what else can we make him do? It's kind of a sink or swim kind of deal."

"Swimming?" Mizumachi's ears perked up automatically. "He could be good at swimming. Less water resistance without hair." He nodded sagely.

"...Let's stick to running. Besides, if he has self esteem issues with his body image, I don't want to deal with it."

"He could be good at it!"

"I doubt he can last for long if he can't even run a mile or two."

"But at least he could float, right?"
Kakei just sighed. "We're heading over to Deimon after practice and running with him. I don't even know if Deimon has a pool." The tone of voice was clearly meant for no open discussion. "I need to take care of some things before practice, so you head over there before me." Crap, he really didn't want to deal with Otohime.

"Will do!" Mizumachi answered with a salute. With that, he took off towards the door, ignoring one of the teacher's shouts for him to slow down.

Mentally bracing himself, Kakei went off in Otohime's class' direction.

Yukimitsu headed for the door, waving to Komusubi. The diminutive first-year had promised to get the bald-headed student's suggested study plan to Sena, as Hiruma didn't seem to like the idea of Yukimitsu talking to Sena. Of course, Komusubi didn't say it in those words; he merely said, "N...NOTES!" But as long as the subject was academic in nature, Yuki tended to get the gist of things. Task complete, Yukimitsu headed for the gate.

Mizumachi made it to Deimon in record time, and headed in, looking for Yukimitsu. After a moment, he caught sight of him, handing off papers to a super short guy, and grinned. "YUKIMITSU!" he bellowed as he started to run towards him. He ended up running full out for the distance between them - he would have tackled him - gently - but...he really didn't want to break anything. Instead, he stopped inches in front of him, still grinning. "Ready to go running?" he asked, more than a little excited.

The walk hadn't been anything extraordinary, and Kakei was already in a slightly bad mood since he hated arguing with people, especially girls. His eyes bugged out slightly when Mizumachi suddenly went from 0 to 60 in what seemed like inhuman speed. When he realized who Mizumachi's target was, he frowned slightly. Ok, he wasn't kidding when he said he studied all the time.

Yukimitsu had not been hit physically. This did not stop him from falling backwards, landing heavily on his rear. "M..Mizumachi-kun? What...who...running?" Poor bewildered baldy.

He stretched and slowly walked over to where Mizumachi was leaning down to say hello to the unfamiliar fellow.

Mizumachi bent over and picked Yukimitsu up, setting him, a little awkwardly, back on his feet. "You okay?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer, he turned to look over at Kakei. "Ready to go?"

It was times like this that Yukimitsu was painfully reminded of just how big Mizumachi was. Tall. Very tall. Ludicrously tall, even. And strong enough to physically manhandle him. "Er...wait, why are you here again?"

Kakei stood up straighter as he cracked his knuckles. He looked down at the poor fellow. "I'm ready, I'm not sure if Yukimitsu-san is"

Yukimitsu heard the cracking and looked over to its source. Oh dear. Another giant.

Intense eyes fixated on the new person. After a moment or two of just observation, Kakei suddenly bowed shallowly. "I'm Kakei Shun, pleased to meet you. You must be Yukimitsu-san?"

Yukimitsu looked up, recognition dawning. Right, from LiveJournal. Also beleaguered by Mizumachi-kun's enthusiasm. "Er...right. Yukimitsu Manabu. Pleased to meet you. Er...does Kyoshin have a height requirement or something?"

Mizumachi glanced over at Kakei, confused by that comment. "I don't think so," he finally said, giving Yukimitsu a strange look.

"Sorry, it's just that so far I've only met you two and oh dear you're tall." He was getting a crick in his neck just talking to them at this close range.

Kakei blinked. "Height requirement? No, what kind of a school would we be if that was part of the qualifications? We're a school good in both academics and sports." He then looked over to Mizumachi. "You sure you want to continue with the running?"

"What do you mean continue? We haven't even started!" he told Kakei. With that, he pulled his bag off his shoulder and began rummaging around inside of it, looking for something.

"Mizumachi...what are you doing?"

"A-ha!" Mizumachi finally announced. Triumphantly, he held out three bright turquoise blue sweatbands. Sliding one onto his own forehead, he handed one each to Kakei and Yukimitsu. "Now, we're ready to start!"

He stared at the sweatband like it was a biohazard. "Is that really necessary?"

Yukimitsu looked at his headband, still catching up. Right. The running. It had...kind of slipped his mind. He'd catch up any minute now, really.

Mizumachi looked offended. "Of course they're necessary," he answered, pouting a bit.

Still dazed. Yup. "If you say so..." And on went the headband. It wasn't that different from his Serious Studying Mode headband, after all.

Sighing, he knew this was not worth a battle. He took the offensive sweatband and placed it on his forehead, adjusting it so his bangs weren't caught on it. "Happy?" He then shot a look to Yukimitsu. I swear we're not all like this at Kyoshin, he hoped was conveyed.

"Okay. Are we ready then?"

"How many miles do you want to run, Yukimitsu-san?"

"Er." Okay, shake out the daze. "I'm not sure, honestly. I haven't done running in ages, so I don't really know my limit..."

"Well...let's go easy and just jog until you can't take it anymore."

"Sounds good!" Mizumachi chirped, tossing his bag over to the side haphazardly.

"Right." He tightened his headband, and shouldered his book bag. Pity it was one of his textbook-heavy days...

The sight of the bookbag made Kakei pause. "You're doing endurance training with weights too? That's really ambitious. Too much initial stress on the body isn't good either though."

Yukimitsu paused. "I...hadn't thought of it that way. Just that if I run out of steam, I'll want to stumble straight home without coming back here, so..."\

“Too much initial stress on the body isn't good either though."

"I've never thought about using weights much before," Mizumachi commented. "See, I told you he was smart!" he stage-whispered to Kakei.

"He's going to die if he brings that backpack, I don't think that's smart," Kakei stage-whispered back, as if their height brought their conversation to totally different level.

Yukimitsu seemed torn. On one hand, he didn't want to overexert himself. On the other, he wasn't sure he trusted his book bag at Deimon. It wasn't like the average student respected academia. Kakei's comment finally decided it. Looking around carefully, Yukimitsu stashed his book bag in a nearby bush. As long as delinquents weren't hiding cigarettes back there, his bag would be fine. "I'll leave it, I guess."

"That...works too." Just standing around was getting to him, so he started doing a light jog, assuming the others would follow. "Come on, let's go!"

Mizumachi followed, encouraged by Kakei's enthusiasm. "It'll be GREAT!" he shouted, catching to Kakei, then passing him.

The baldy tried to think positively. If he died jogging, then Hiruma couldn't kill him. Resolve set, Yukimitsu started jogging after Kakei and Mizumachi...having to outright run at first just to catch up.

Mizumachi's whirling past him didn't faze him. He always did everything with such enthusiasm that it made him wonder where he got all that energy from. Behind him, he could hear some panting and wheezing. Realizing that a light jog for the two tall Kyoshin players would have been quite a run for Yukimitsu due to their leg length differences. "Mizumachi, slow down!" He yelled, and he slowed down his pace even more so that he was semi-jogging next to the baldy. "How are you feeling?"

Mizumachi turned and began to jog back towards Kakei and Yukimitsu. "Doing okay?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.

Yukimitsu looked over to the calm, cool, and collected Kakei. Only one response seemed appropriate. "Not dead yet."

Kakei looked over and Mizumachi and then at the shorter fellow. "...good. Let us know when you're dying."

"Will...do..." Sucking in a deep breath, Yukimitsu pushed himself to keep going.

Mizumachi looked slightly concerned. "Just...let us know," he said slowly, then ran ahead. After a moment, he turned and ran back, unable to hold himself to a slow pace.

Kakei wasn't breaking out a sweat at all, but he held himself back. "Don't mind him, he can't control anything."

"I'm...probably slowing you...two down, right?" Well, he was breathing heavily, but breathing. Still not dead. While jogging, he tried his level best to look Kakei in the eye.

He wasn't one to lie, so Kakei spent some time choosing his words, jumping over a large rock. "Well, we are used to our training regiment, so it'd be unfair to compare. It's like comparing... a great dane to a poodle." Wait, maybe that wasn't the best analogy. "Either way, don't worry about it. This is for you, right?"

"If...you guys want...to go ahead..." Yukimitsu paused mid-sentence to catch a few more breaths, beginning to stumble as he ran. "Then...go ahead....I'll catch up...eventually...."

"Aw, c'mon! You can do it!" Mizumachi encouraged him. "It's just like walking! But...faster!"

"You do realize...my pet...is a turtle..."

"...But you're not a turtle."

"...prove...i-" Distracted by conversation, Yukimitsu tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and crashed to the ground.

Mizumachi tried to catch him, but wasn't quite able to, and he winced as Yukimitsu hit the ground. Crouching down at his side, he started to help him back up.

Kakei immediatley stopped and rushed over to his two running mates. "Yukimitsu-san? Are you all right?" He sincerely hoped he didn't die.

The baldy managed to get up to hands and knees, breathing heavily. That...had hurt. Still, he didn't seem to be bleeding anywhere. Unfortunately, his school uniform now needed washing. Accepting Mizumachi's helping hand, he finally got back up. "I...said I'd keep going...right?" With that, he started to move again. Slowly at first, but gradually building back up to a jog.

Mizumachi simply blinked at him, a bit impressed, and followed after, this time actually keeping pace with Yukimitsu.

Kakei stood and admired Yukimitsu's tenacity before he started running to catch up. He ran so that he was next to his swimming friend. "We've already jogged a mile, should we tell him?"

Mizumachi shook his head. "We'll surprise him later," he answered.

Kakei sort of smiled with mischief. "I wonder how far he'll go."

Having learned his lesson, Yukimitsu made sure the path was clear before speaking again. "So where are...we going?"

Kakei turned to Mizumachi before turning back to Yukimitsu. "We're going somewhere? We've been moving kind of slow, so it might take a while before we reach anywhere meaningful..."

"I dunno. Where could we go? There's probably a park or something, even a tiny one..."

"Not sure..." Yukimitsu paused, watching his step so as not to trip again. "I usually just go...from school to Mother's...and I think we're past there already..."

In truth, Kakei had structured the run in a circle so that Yukimitsu could arrive back at his backpack before reaching the brink of death. "Well, it doesn't matter unless Yukimitsu-san picks up the pace."

"He's doing pretty good though," Mizumachi pointed out. "I mean, he got back up and all."

Yukimitsu nearly stumbled, but managed to keep going. "I'm...still all right. Beats...getting shot...by Hiruma-san..."

He let out an exaggerated sigh, which came out in jagged breaths as they ran. "If you think you can handle it, we can jog up the hill we're approaching."

"...hill?" The honours student looked up from his feet at what lay ahead. So it was. A hill. Not that steep, but still a looming uphill climb. "Well...I can try...."

"If we go over that, then we can head back to your place." Without another word, the dark-eyed teen started sprinting up the hill.

"Let's go!" Mizumachi shouted at top volume, and began walking just a little bit faster - he felt sort of bad about leaving Yukimitsu behind earlier.

Well, this was as good a chance as any to find out what he had. Gathering his strength, Yukimitsu lunged forward, doing his best to charge up the hill. He'd made it nearly halfway when he tripped again.

Now Kakei felt a little guilty with his stunt of trying to get Yukimitsu to put more effort into the running. He ran back down the hill and skidded when he reached the fallen brainiac. "Hey, are you all right?"

Even as Kakei reached him, he was already climbing to his feet. "I'll...be fine..." And he was off. Not quite as energetic as before, but gradually making his way up the hill.

Mizumachi glanced over at Kakei, then back at Yukimitsu before following him at a walking pace. Raising an eyebrow at Kakei, he shrugged.

He frowned as he followed the two. "Good, because if we walk three blocks to our left when we finish climbing the hill we'll be back at Deimon."

Yukimitsu didn't hear this, as he was focused on getting up the hill. Just another challenge to surmount. Like a test. Except without all the panicked writing about the historical impact of Monty Python. Upon reaching the top of the hill, however, he needed to pause, leaning against a nearby wall as he caught his breath. "Looks like...I did it...whew..."

Kakei turned to Mizumachi. "Should we bring him back to his school or continue running?"

"Do you think he might die or something if we keep going? And like you said earlier, overwork isn't good either."

"I just wanted to make sure..." He turned to the victorious cram student. "How are you feeling?"

"Surprisingly...still alive...should we continue?" His wheezing betrayed his real endurance level, but Yukimitsu seemed ready to continue if the other two were.

"Follow me, we can jog this last stretch in a few minutes." Without elaborating, Kakei veered suddenly to his left and jogged on.

Pushing himself off the wall, Yukimitsu started running after Kakei. Jogging wouldn't do it any more; at this point, he had to go at his full tilt to keep up. Still beat being shot, though.

Mizumachi looked a bit worried, but followed. Really though, that amount of wheezing and panting couldn't be safe.

After two blocks, the gate of Deimon was visible in the horizon. When they jogged the third and final block, Kakei jogged and checked the bush. "You're bag's still there, Yukimitsu-san."

Yukimitsu kept going, not noticing the surroundings until Kakei spoke. He looked around, realizing that he was back at Deimon. "Oh. That's good." With that, he collapsed like a sack of potatoes.

Mizumachi was silent for a long moment. "Did we kill him?" he finally asked Kakei, looking suddenly more worried.

Kakei leaned down and glanced over wearily. "No, his chest is still moving, so he must be breathing...at the very least." He turned to Mizumachi. "You think we ended up doing the right thing?"

"He'll get better over time," Mizumachi pointed out. "We've just got to keep at it."

"You're right for once." He looked down once again at the fallen body. "I... don't want to leave him collapsed like this."

Even comatose as he was, Yukimitsu was smiling. Not about to move any time soon, not even aware of surroundings, but there was a faint smile.

"Grab his feet," Mizumachi grunted, moving to pick Yukimitsu up underneath his arms. "We'll bring him inside...or something."

"Okay." Kakei slung Yukimitsu's backpack over his shoulders as he grabbed his feet. "I'm sure we can deposit his body somewhere in the school..."

"Jeez, don't talk like he's dead," Mizumachi pointed out. "He's just resting!"

Kakei grunted. "Whatever, I see no flesh wounds either." When they went past the gates of Deimon, students gave them very odd stares. Walking towards the building, Kakei turned to Mizumachi. "I guess we can leave him in a classroom?"

"He'll be comfortable there, I guess," Mizumachi agreed. "And he did pretty good for somebody who studies all the time and all that."

When they found an abandoned classroom, they placed Yukimitsu's body in a sitting position. "What about his mother? Should we do anything to help make up an excuse?"

As if on cue, music filled the air. The opening measures of the American show Masterpiece Theatre were emanating from Yukimitsu's jacket pocket.

"Ah... the phone's ringing... should we answer it?" Kakei's face seemed to be in a state of alarm.

Mizumachi glanced at Kakei, and slowly reached into the pocket, showing the front of the phone to Kakei. "It's his mom!" he hissed, as if she could hear them. "What do you we do?"

Kakei lowered his voice as well, as if Yukimitsu's mother was looming right there. "Make up some excuse! She must be pissed off!"

"What sort of excuse!?" Mizumachi yelped, a little panicked now their time was running short. Unable to stand it any more, he finally just flicked the phone open.

Kakei held his breath. Ok, maybe that wasn't a good idea...

His mouth flapped open for a second as he tried to think of what to say. Then his mind hit on an idea, and he grinned. Raising a voice a few good octaves, he chirped, "Hello~?"

Kakei facepalmed. Ohmygod, he was doing his impression of Otohime to this unknown, scary mother figure. "What.are.you.doing!?" he said through clenched teeth.

A voice sprung forth from the phone. It was sweet at first, then shifted to something dredged from the depths of Hell. "Manabu-chan, why aren't you home studying yet? You aren't doing EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, are you?"

Without meaning to, one of his hands rose to play with a strand of his hair. "Who's Manabu-chan?" he asked. "That's such a cute name."

From his distance, Kakei could already identify the nagging voice and cringed. Thankfully Mizumachi was dealing with this...

"Who are you? Why do you have my son's phone? He isn't out..." A gasp of horror could be heard, even to Kakei. "DATING, is he? That's not permitted until he's done university!"

Mizumachi looked slightly puzzled for a second, then answered, "I don't even know who you're talking about. Are you sure you don't have the wrong number?" Surprisingly, he'd been holding his voice at the same high pitch the whole time.

Kakei eyed him weirdly. Wasn't his voice hurting, at all?

"Well, I do have his phone on speed-dial, so unless his phone somehow got mixed up with a classmate's..." Suddenly the demonic voice was back. "A CLASSMATE WITH WHOM HE SHOULD NOT BE FRATERNIZING!"

"Who are you even talking about?" Mizumachi whined, attempting to make it sound like he was near tears. "I don't know! Maybe we have the same phone!"

Kakei's mouth went wide open. Damn it, he'd have to play along with this charade. He grabbed the phone from Mizumachi. "Whoever this is, but you better not be Keiko's psycho stalker! She dumped you and moved on, so get over it!" He bellowed into the phone. Did that sound possessive enough? Damn.

There was a long, long pause. Finally, the voice spoke up. "My apologies, miss. The phone company must have mixed things up so that I can't reach Manabu-chan! I'll sort this out before he does SOMETHING that isn't STUDYING!" And the woman hung up.

Mizumachi flipped the phone shut, and proceeded to all but fall over laughing. "Did you hear her?" he gasped.

Kakei stepped away from Mizumachi and the phone. "What the hell were you thinking? You can't have the same phone as Yukimitsu!"

"Prove it!" he snapped back. "Phone companies make mistakes. Maybe there was a glitch."

Realization dawned onto him. "Ohdeargod. You acted like a girl, and I acted like a jealous boyfriend..." He looked over to Yukimitsu's peaceful form. "He better appreciate this when he wakes up."

"Hopefully, it'll keep him out of trouble. That lady..." He shuddered.

"And I thought my mom was bad..." He shuddered. "At least she lets me do what I want to do."

Mizumachi made claws with his hands and hissed at Kakei. "STUDY MORE~!" he growled, faking a swipe at him.

That made him cringe even more. "Enough girl acting for you, let's head out of here. Yukimitsu should be safe here." He turned around and headed towards the classroom's door.

"Aww," Mizumachi groaned, but followed. "We've still got regular practice to do though, right?" he asked, brightening a bit.

A thought came to him and he grabbed chalk and wrote on the blackboard: Congratulations for the 2 mile run. We'll increase the regiment next time. He then turned to Mizumachi. "Yeah, I have way too much energy left. Let's go swimming or something. There's a pool not too far away from here."

"Perfect!" Slipping out of the classroom, Mizumachi went and grabbed his bag. "To the pool!" he shouted, pointing one finger up to the sky.